Why Experiential Marketing Is The New “It Girl”

With so much competing for consumers attention these days it is high time to start thinking about different, more effective ways to engage target audiences.

Today’s consumers skip over TV commercials, unfollow brands on social media, ignore billboards, and choose to get their news and music from online sources where they pay not be served advertisements. Not only that, but in our hyperconnected world where consumers watch Netflix, text, and listen to music all at the same time, it is nearly impossible for brands (that haven’t been unfollowed!) to break through the digital noise (source).



According to marketing website ClickZ, “Experiential marketing is about enabling personal connections between brands and consumers by creating real-life experiences that are worth sharing. These experiences combine digital and real-world connections to create stronger memories and emotional bonds between brands and consumers.”


Is experiential marketing worth the investment you ask?

Well, according to an article on Adweek, “98 percent of consumers interested in a product or service were more likely to purchase it following an event or experience, while 65 percent actually purchased the product or service following their experience. 29 percent of companies reported returns of 10-to-1 or better on their experiential investment.”

That sounds pretty good to us!

You see, after years of being force-fed advertisements, consumers only want to engage with brands on their terms. (Sorry celebrity spokesmodels!) They are craving authentic, personalized experiences where they can touch, feel, taste, or experience a brand prior to making a purchase or allowing it in their “sphere of influence.” These first hand experience also create great digital content as consumers are more likely to share a personalized branded experience with their social network/inner circle than a generic tv, radio, magazine, or banner ad. Brands can then build off of this organic consumer engagement and use the content consumers have shared on their branded pages as well – what’s not to love!



Selecting the perfect brand ambassadors to take on this task is our expertise! For the past 22 years, Prestige Promotion has been the go-to event staffing agency for experiential marketing events throughout the state of Florida. We have provided staff for experiential events in a variety of industries – ranging from food and beverage, to professional sports, and transportation! Leave it up to us to select the perfect brand ambassador to represent your brand. Contact us today to staff your experiential marketing event!


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