No call, no show? No way!

Being a promotional model or brand ambassador may just be the best job you’ll ever have. You’ll get PAID to educate consumers on global brands while working at the best stores, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and special events! Talk about dream job! That being said, promotions are still serious business, and much more goes into them than some might think!

The lifecycle of a promo goes something like this:

Initially, a sales representative for a brand or portfolio of brands will have to sell a product into an account (which could be a store, bar, restaurant, nightclub, or other venue.) Then, in order to drive sales of that product and encourage that account to repurchase in the future – they set up promotions or tastings at that account. The purpose of these events are to expose the account’s customers to the product with the goal of same day and future purchase! When the customers buy the product, the account will reorder more product, the sales representative will sell more of his product (and hit his sales goals!) and will in turn, book more promotions – and the cycle continues! The sales representative and account owner/manager work together to schedule the best dates for promotions – which normally fall on nights and weekends, as this is when most people go out or go shopping. Oftentimes, these dates are scheduled months in advance and are advertised by the account in the newspaper, on social media, and/or inside the store as well!

This is where we come in. Once a promotion or tasting has been scheduled, the sales representative hires us to supply the brand ambassadors and promotional models to represent his/her brand. When you go to your promotions you are not only representing us, but you are literally acting as the face of our client’s brand – a brand they’ve painstakingly built! Arriving at your event is the culmination of a lot of prior work – the sales rep selling in the product, the account entering it into their system and putting it on the floor, the sales rep and account owner/manager coming up with a good date for a promotion, the sales rep selecting us to representing his/her brand, and then us selecting YOU as the best talent for that event!

Knowing this – you should try your BEST to represent that product/brand to the BEST of your ability while selling as much as possible!! The sales representative is counting on you to sell his/her product to customers so that he can sell in more product to that account – and in turn, book YOU for future promotions! Remember to always report accurate sales numbers on your recap forms because they are 100% verified by us and our clients as well!

This is why the #1 rule in promotions is that you should NEVER no call, no show. (Or drink on the job, but you already knew that!)

Not only does it mean we won’t be able to book you for future work, but it also reflects poorly on us, as well as on our clients! We’ll say it again, the #1 golden rule of this business is to honor your commitments, and if you ever have to call off (for a good reason – not because you agreed to another shift with another agency) you should give as much advanced notice as possible – or better yet, find a replacement for your event! Last minute call offs are notoriously difficult to staff because it means that the pool of available applicants to take your place is oftentimes very limited! Not only that, but unlike a tradition job where you can just make up your work the next day if you are sick or take a day off of work – rescheduling a promotion requires a tremendous amount of back and forth and may not even be possible. Resulting in a loss for everyone involved.

The world of promotions is a small one and if you no call, no show you may find other agencies will find out about it as well. All of this to say, while promotions are a fun job – they are still a job. Don’t no call, no show!

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