Invest in your promotional arsenal!

Whether working promotions is an occasional job, or steady part-time/full-time job there are a few things you will need to invest in to ensure you have all of the materials you need to position yourself success! (and to make sure you don’t have to scramble last minute to find something you need for a promotion that day!)

Most of our promotions consist of retail demos which means you are expected to provide certain materials when you work a promotion.

These are inclusive of but not limited to:

Reliable transportation – We know we don’t have to say it, but reliable transportation to get to and from events is a must! A lot of logistics and planning go into these events, and it is essential that you able to get to them on-time (which means 15 minutes prior to your event).

A computer and a printer – You will need to be able to access our website where our jobs our posted, review your booking confirmation emails, and look over any necessary training information prior to your event. You will also need a printer to be able to print out your booking confirmation emails/instructions, and recap forms.

A smart phone with a functioning camera – You will need to be able to access your email on the go, and a camera to take pictures of your events and recap forms.

A demo table, ice bucket, corkscrew/bottle opener, and solid black table cloth – all of which can be found at Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, or Amazon!

All black non-branded slack, blouse or button down, and comfortable black shoes – while some events may require you to wear a branded shirt, or white/khaki pants, the majority of our events require an all black dress code – all of which you can find at a great price at Target!

**Note – Take pride in your promotional uniform! Make sure your uniform is clean, freshly pressed, and not washed out – clients are sent the photos you take at your events and you need to make sure you look polished and well groomed. Depending on how frequently you work, you may need to invest in a second promotional uniform – and for the ladies interested in working on-premise events you will need to definitely invest in a little black dress and some nice heels!**

Here are a few examples of our associates in their all-black uniforms (some with branded shirts!) and for those pictured working off-premise you will see their excellent demo tables as well!:

We look forward to booking you and are excited you are part of the team!


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