3 Tips To Make Sure You Get Booked!

If you are new to our agency, you have presumably applied because you want to work! And boy, do we have lots of work!

That being said, what makes working for a promotional agency different from other part-time jobs is that it is up to the booking director’s discretion whether or not you get booked.

Booking directors have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders – they have to liaise with the brand representatives, coordinate the promotions with the accounts, select the appropriate talent for the promotion, and make sure said talent shows up to the promotion and not only does their job, but submits their recaps, receipts, and photos on time so we can bill our clients!

dec6elfloridita_20101105874_oYou can understand then, that booking directors in general tend to favor veteran talent that they have worked with before. HOWEVER, we are always expanding and understand the value of bringing on new talent. Prove yourself to us and you will be in store for a long, prosperous relationship with us!

Here are 3 tips to make sure you get booked!

  1. Make sure your Agency Profile is up-to-date!

Many of our clients like to play an active part in the talent selection process. Are your photos high-quality? Are they a combination of (tasteful!) professional and casual/work shots? Do you have at least one full-body shot on your profile?

It’s important to have all of the appropriate fields concerning your stats, market and contact information, as well as your resume filled out as well. An empty profile shows the booking director you haven’t taken the time to fill out the necessary information – and will decrease your chances of getting booked! Complete your Agency Pro Profile!

        2.  Respond to the call for events as quickly as you can!

Our agency staffs hundreds of events every week, this means we like to book events as soon as we schedule them! We also give preference people who consistently have ability. Once you have completed the talent application process and been accepted into our system you will start receiving emails/text messages alerting you of new events that have been uploaded into the Agency Pro System. Make sure you confirm your availability for bookings as soon as you can, and apply to as many as you can! And be proactive about whether or not you need additional event materials (cups/giveaways). This shows the booking director that you are eager to work! Keep in mind that signing up for an event does not guarantee that you will be booked. Again, it is ultimately at the booking directors discretion whether or not you get booked! But apply, apply, apply! And when you do get booked make sure you CONFIRM to your booking confirmation email! No confirmation means the event gets rebooked!

DanielleRussianStandard3. Show up, get the job done (SELL!), and submit your recap, receipts, photos and invoices on time!

This job is about so much more than just showing up. Gone are the days when pretty girls could get away with standing around and doing nothing. Marketing budgets are tight and brands want to make sure they are getting the most out of their investment..they want to see sales! !

Show up, on time, dressed the part, with all of your materials and instructions in hand. Set up, conduct your demo, engage every single person you can, SELL! SELL! SELL! (Many of our clients send out secret shoppers into the market so make sure you are always on top of your game!) Take fantastic pictures! And when you get home, submit your recap, receipts, photos, and invoices ON TIME EVERY TIME! (We cannot bill our clients until we receive these items from you, which means we cannot pay you. And that’s no fun now is it. ;))

At Prestige we take our reputation seriously, its how we have been in business for 22 years while dozens of other promotional agencies have come and gone. We are thrilled you are a part of our team. Now let’s get you booked!!

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