3 tips to boost your in-store demo sales this holiday season!

The holiday season is upon and with it comes a lot of work! Not surprisingly, our clients love it when you hit the projects sales target numbers! Not only that, but we are one of the few agencies out there to offer our staff sales bonuses for their hard work. Whether or not you are new to our agency, here are a few tips to really drive home the sales (and land some bonuses!) this holiday season

Do your product research!

Consumers are educated these days, they want to know about a product’s ingredient list, year of production, , type of production process, winery/distillery location, brand history, what food items pair well with certain wines, and what cocktails you can make with certain liquors, just to name a few! Refer back to the brand training notes we gave you prior to your demo, of course..do your own research too!  Take pride in the product you are representing and be able to speak about it eloquently and intelligently. Impress consumers with your vast product knowledge and they will be more likely to pick up a bottle from your table.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.19.36 AMTalk to the customer, not at them.

Don’t just stand there and scream out “WANT A FREE SAMPLE?” Engage customers with open ended questions like “I would love your opinion on this new wine/liquor/other product.” or “What are you shopping for today?” Or approach someone lingering in an isle with something like “I see you are looking at some beer/wine/liquor, we’re doing a promotion over here of X product that I think you would really enjoy! Come on over and try it!” When the customer is in front of you, educate them about the product you are serving, and engage them in the “brand experience” by asking questions about what they’re making that evening, or what special occasion they’re shopping for. Build a genuine rapport with them, get them to like YOU and the PRODUCT.


Try and get the store to offer a sale during your promotion

Many of your promotions take place in privately owned liquor stores. While it’s not guaranteed, it doesn’t hurt to ask the owner/manager if they wouldn’t mind running a special sale throughout the duration of the promotion to help you drive sales. Even if they decide not to, they will definitely appreciate the initiative and will help you drive sales by encouraging their loyal customers to buy a bottle! **Note: This tip doesn’t apply to chain stores like Publix, Fresh Market, BJs, etc, only privately owned and operated stores.**


We’re thrilled to have you on our team this holiday season! Use these tips to make your promotions an overwhelming success!


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