10 tips for promo success!

We went around the office compiling the top 10 most important tips to make you successful at your promotions. Whether your new to promotions or a promo veteran, these 10 tips will ensure you are successful at your events! At Prestige Promotion we are committed to giving you the tools and training you need to succeed!

  1. Keep a detailed list of all of your promotions! We’ve heard of associates using excel spreadsheets or pocket calendars to keep track of their schedules. This prevents double booking and ensures you are always aware of your commitments. (No call, no shows, or same day cancellations affect us, our clients, and ultimately your employment with Prestige Promotion – so keep on top of your schedule!)
  2. Do your brand research! You are the face of our clients. Take pride in that! Make sure to attend the brand trainings we hold. Prior to your event, review your training information make sure you are familiar with our clients’ brand, purpose, and product. Make it a point to memorize at least 5 key facts prior to your promotion.
  3. Lay out all of the materials you will need for your promotion the night before – this goes for your clothing/uniform as well as your table, table cloth, ice bucket, opener, cups, recap forms, id, method of payment, etc. If the promotion you are working requires brand specific materials – make sure you are using them. We actually recommend you pack your car the night before so that you aren’t scrambling the following day or forget anything last minute!
  4. Make sure your phone/camera is always charged..and your car is always fueled! In promotions we rely heavily on our phones for directions to the account, to take photos of our promotion/recap forms, and to place a call to the Prestige emergency line (if needed). Make sure your phone is charged! And no one likes getting into their car only to see that they have no gas! Fill up that tank ahead of time!
  5. Eat a good meal before your promotion and bring a bottle of water! Standing for three hours, engaging hundreds of customers, and selling a product all require energy..and lots of it! Make sure to eat something hearty before your events and bring a bottle water to stay hydrated during the event. If you have back to back events pack a snack to refuel!
  6. Show up 15 minutes prior to your event and check-in with the booking coordinator on duty – yes this is already a requirement of our associates..but you have to admit this is something you should be doing regardless. Sometimes promotions don’t go as planned. A number of things can and may arise and it’s always a good idea to show up early to ensure you are ready to start pouring at your scheduled promotion start time!
  7. Ensure your product is chilled properly! Fill up your ice bucket with equal parts water and ice and submerge the product completely in the ice bath. Spin the product every few minutes or so, and viola! You have a deliciously chilled product, ready to serve and sell!
  8. Do your best to sell, sell, sell! There are some intangibles to being a brand ambassador..however your success (and our success as an agency) is ultimately measured by how much you sell! So do your best! If you need more training or sales tips, get in touch! We are always here to help!
  9. Get your recap, photos, and invoices in on time! The job doesn’t end when the promotion ends – the job ends when your recap, photos, and invoices are submitted on time. We need these documents in order to bill our clients, and in turn, in order to pay you for your amazing work!
  10. Keep a binder or folder of all of your recaps, photos, and invoices. Just in case things need to be verified for any reason! We recommend holding on to your recaps, photos, and invoices until you receive payment for a specific promotion. Paper trails are always a good idea!
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