5 Reasons Why Being A Brand Ambassador Is The Best College Job

Have you ever gone to a concert, sporting event, or festival and seen young people walking around in branded shirts handing out giveaways or asking you to come participate in a game or “experience?” Or maybe you’ve seen people giving out samples of food or beverages at your local grocery or … Read more...

No call, no show? No way!

Being a promotional model or brand ambassador may just be the best job you'll ever have. You'll get PAID to educate consumers on global brands while working at the best stores, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and special events! Talk about dream job! That being said, promotions are still serious … Read more...

10 tips for promo success!

We went around the office compiling the top 10 most important tips to make you successful at your promotions. Whether your new to promotions or a promo veteran, these 10 tips will ensure you are successful at your events! At Prestige Promotion we are committed to giving you the tools and training … Read more...

The Law Of Symmetry

From the outside, most people tend to think working promotions is easy. When the reality is, there are a lot of moving parts! Two of the most important are 1) making sure you have all of the materials necessary to execute your promotion and 2) crating an attracting demo/promotional setup. It has … Read more...

Why Experiential Marketing Is The New “It Girl”

With so much competing for consumers attention these days it is high time to start thinking about different, more effective ways to engage target audiences. Today's consumers skip over TV commercials, unfollow brands on social media, ignore billboards, and choose to get their news and music from … Read more...

Should you post about your promotions on social media?

We live in a hyperconnected world - this is undeniable! But sometimes the line between what is appropriate and inappropriate to post on social media gets blurred - especially when it comes to promotional work. It's true - compared to most other careers or part-time jobs, a brand ambassador or … Read more...

Cocktail ideas for the holidays!

One of the best things about being a brand ambassador in the beverage industry is the exposure you get to various products. So we've decided to take a break from our regular blog posts to bring you a little holiday cheer and a few recipes you can make with some of our clients' products! Read on … Read more...

3 tips to boost your in-store demo sales this holiday season!

The holiday season is upon and with it comes a lot of work! Not surprisingly, our clients love it when you hit the projects sales target numbers! Not only that, but we are one of the few agencies out there to offer our staff sales bonuses for their hard work. Whether or not you are new to our … Read more...

Invest in your promotional arsenal!

Whether working promotions is an occasional job, or steady part-time/full-time job there are a few things you will need to invest in to ensure you have all of the materials you need to position yourself success! (and to make sure you don't have to scramble last minute to find something you need for … Read more...

3 Tips To Make Sure You Get Booked!

If you are new to our agency, you have presumably applied because you want to work! And boy, do we have lots of work! That being said, what makes working for a promotional agency different from other part-time jobs is that it is up to the booking director's discretion whether or not you get … Read more...

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